The Pink One is Growing Up!

Well this has taken me by surprise, as I knew my Pink One was so ready for school, is that maybe I wasn’t!

I love my Pink One so very much, but have to admit that at times I do find her very difficult, not because she’s extremely naughty or has tantrums, but like most four years olds she doesn’t listen, answers back, upsets her little brother and basically drives me to distraction!

As she is five in October she is one of the older ones in her year and so I know she is ready to start and in true Pink One’s style when she started her first day in Reception on Friday, and this is a full day – no gradual build up, she walked into school with her new class without a backwards glance. That’s when I welled up and the tears I weren’t expecting came!

She may annoy me, drive me mad, make me yell – but at the same time she amazes me so much. If I could be as half as brave as her in life, not let things phase me like her, take whatever life throws me and just get on with it – I would be a much better person.

I pray that as she grows up she keeps these amazing traits as they will help her all through her life, and she will go far. Maybe she can teach me to be more like her – and I’ll try and remember theses things when she’s irritating me!

So as I type this, tomorrow is the first day of her first full week, and again the unexpected anxiety has got me, you’d think I was going to school, (shouldn’t surprise me as I have been diagnosed with a General Anxiety Disorder) but I was so ready for her to go to school and have that energy channelled I didn’t realise maybe I wasn’t ready to let her go!

Love you Pink One, I probably don’t say it enough but you make me a very proud mummy – go be amazing! πŸ™‚ xxx


4 thoughts on “The Pink One is Growing Up!

  1. Unfortunately G this only gets worse as she completes every milestone along the route
    It will be testing she will be way harder than the blue one I think. As the little pickle grows into the fine young lady she is destined to be, please cherish every moment as they really do fly by. She is a gorgeous, outgoing & intelligent girl, instead of wishing her to slow down and stay small forever, let her expand those wings and watch her soar. She’s gonna make you so proud. Love u x

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