For the Sake of My Mentality

So it all began in February this year, with one of the epic Facebook messages me and my group of yummy mummies have – my recollection is that it all started with us complaining about how useless BMI is as a measurement, but I digress – within this long chain conversation one sentence my friend Emma, who has been running regularly for some time, wrote that stuck in my head and started gnawing away at me. She said that running was for her mentality – it was just a plus that it was good for your health.

This niggly idea of going running was particularly in my head as I was doing my umpteenth walk to the post office to pick up yet another delivery that the Post Office hadn’t been able to deliver (I have neighbours – please leave it with them!!! Though I suppose I have to thank them otherwise I wouldn’t have taken those walks that made my running dream germinate and flower).

What you need to know about me is that I am not your natural runner, or a natural at any physical exercise to be honest – I was the one who used to walk to the station at 6am wondering why these daft people were running at that time of the morning out of choice!?! So firstly I looked into running and what apps were out there – finally settling on “Couch to 5k” – something I will discuss in another blog, but definitely the best £1.69 I’ve ever spent!

Secondly I contacted the people I knew who were into running/physical exercise – these being my brother Richard, my friend Emma who I mentioned in the first paragraph as the forerunner of this idea and my friend Graham who does completely insane OCR races (check out his blog at – well worth a read)

My brother Richard impressed on me that it was highly worth going to a proper running shop to get my running trainers – which I did! Details in this blog post! Emma also said to me make sure you get good running trainers as your feet and legs are essentially your gym equipment! So then I contacted Graham and asked him his advice he said “just get out there and do it” so that’s just what I did!

My blogs will be a mixture of my running journey/adventure and that of being a mum to two little people! They may not be funny, interesting or inventive, but hopefully you might come across something that may inspire you or make you realise that it’s not just you! Whatever you take from them I hope you enjoy them and I thank you for taking the time to read! 🙂 xxx

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