Christmas is coming…

Sample 1.jpg

So I’ve had an idea, just in time for this festive season (I hope), as you’ve seen from some of my previous posts I like take a photo now and then… OK, I love to take photos and occasionally, even if I do say so myself, I think they’re pretty good! Samples of my images are scattered throughout this post!

My favourite images I upload to a site called RedBubble, a place where fellow photographers (not just photographers, there’s poets, painters and other creative types there too) can share images, comment, like and follow each other! It’s a great place.

You can find my RedBubble images here!

Sample 2.jpg

It only dawned on me the other day though, that maybe I should try and advertise the fact that the majority of my images on this site are for sale in a variety of formats!

So if you’re looking to get someone something a little different for Christmas (or their birthday) or you have secret santa to buy for, look no further, RedBubble sells my images as;
Tote bags (3 sizes)
Travel mugs
Phone covers
Tablet covers
to name but a few! I assure you this is not an exhaustive list!

Shop is here! Though you can go via your favourite image too!

Sample 4

If an image you like doesn’t have the product you want please let me know (via comment or email) because some of my images were uploaded before some of the products became available so those options may not be there, but I can change it for you. The only images I do not sell are the ones of my children for obvious reasons!

Sample 3

Please, please, please (see I am not below begging!) come and take a look and share my site (I’m a stay at home mum, studying for a degree with the OU looking to make a little pocket money to pay for my kids after school activities (who knew a 3 year old and 6 year old could have so many!) – currently looking to set up my own data analysis business in the future, but in the mean time trying to utilise my already existing asset – why didn’t think of it before!?!)

Thank you in advance ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

One thought on “Christmas is coming…

  1. […] On a little side note, I also got an email telling me one of my Redbubble images had been sold as a greetings card – I made all of 15p – but someone bought one of my images, it’sย so exciting,ย I am very happy! Here’s a link to the image and a link to my previous post about my Redbubble. […]


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