Run in the sun

Mad dogs and English (wo)men go out in the midday sun!!!

Well – that was me today with a run –  but juggling time with kids, a hubby and studies – sometimes you’ve just got to go for that run when you have the time, especially for Juneathon Day 4!

I’ll say now, it actually turned out to be a good run, but I will have a bit of a grumble – again my legs today were so tight and heavy and I did make sure I warmed up and stretched out before I ran, so starting find this a bit annoying.

Then whilst I ran my phone rang – it was the hubby, so answered and walked while I talked.  Helped a little to loosen my legs.  Then I came across some tree surgeons so ran passed quickly so I didn’t get hit by any bits of falling branches, but something managed to fly in my eye so had to stop to remove it from my eye and stretched my calves out again.  Thought I’d have a drink of my water – didn’t open my sports lid properly and it managed to pinch my lip – ow! Then a fly flew my eye! Pollen seemed quite high too!!!  Enough grumbling now – I then did manage to run quite well, considering it was quite hot, and made it home in one piece!!!

My route and music!
My route and music!

Garmin - time, distance and splits!
Garmin – time, distance and splits!

Also managed four toe touches, four sit and reaches and four tummy crunches/sit ups!

🙂 xxx

Pet Peeves

A bit of fun for the weekend! Thought I would let you know a bit more about me and share some of my pet peeves! Those little things in life that make you grit your teeth, roll your eyes and sigh! I was also thinking this could be an interactive Post and you could tell me some of your pet peeves! Read, laugh, enjoy and then share!!! 😛

1. Someone chewing nosily or making snuffly noises when they eat!

2. When you’re in the car and someone forces their way out in front of you and then has the audacity to thank you! “It’s not like you gave me a choice sunshine!!!” On the flip side of that, those people that you make the effort to let out and they don’t say thank you!!! “No, really, you’re welcome!!!”

3. The song “You’re so Vain” as sung by Carly Simon – because she sings “Because I bet you think this song is about you, don’t you?” – but it about them!!! Also, she sings “Ap-preee-cot” it’s “Apricot”

4. When you ask someone to come and help you with something, or explain something to you and they say “Oh, but that’s easy” – if it was easy to me would I be asking for your help!?!

5. When my daughter starts a sentence with “I was just…” – I’ve asked you to do something, please do it…!!!

This will do for now, I am sure I’ll think of some more – so will probably update this post from time to time… 🙂 xxx