Vitality Healthy Kids inspired by Disney – Flossing

So towards the end of last year, I was asked by Vitality if I would like to be involved in a campaign for encouraging healthy habits in kids – but not only me, my two children would be involved too!

Well, I couldn’t miss this opportunity as not only was it with Vitality, who I thoroughly enjoyed working with on their #WomenInSport campaign, but also Disney – so there wasn’t any way I could say “No” my kids would never forgive me. Also, I think with the ethos of my blog, the idea of encouraging children to develop healthy habits in their childhood, that they will hopefully take into adulthood, couldn’t be more fitting.

“Kids, it’s time to do your teeth…”

I was one of three blogging families invited to take part in this campaign, and each of us was given our own healthy topic.

Natalie, of Plutonium Sox, and her gorgeous girls, were singing their way through Handwashing

John, of Dad Blog UK, and his delightful daughter were taking deep breaths in and out whilst considering Mindfulness

So what did I and my crazy duo have to tackle? That would be Flossing (if you’d missed it in the blog title)! I have to admit I did have a momentary concern of “how are we going to do that?” but then after taking a second, I realised my Pink One has been flossing for quite some time whereas the Blue One hadn’t flossed before, so maybe that was something we could play with?

The creative direction with these videos was very open and fluid, with ideas coming from the creative team themselves – the idea of goodies (floss) and baddies (plaque) and them taking onboard our idea of the Pink One teaching her little brother what it was all about as she is a pro flosser!

Discussions with the Director

I didn’t initially tell the kids what they were going to be involved in, you know if you have kids the incessant number of times they can ask when something is going to be happening, so for my own sanity, I only told them the day before we headed off for the shoot.

We were really fortunate, as our call time was for 3pm and filming was taking place at a house in Streatham – so driving distance for us. Yay! So luckily for me, the kids could go to school until lunchtime, when I then collected them. We had a little chat on the journey home and they totally proved to me that they were going to have this idea of flossing in hand, but how would they behave when we got there, with a camera on them, a sound person there and a director and other people they didn’t know? Would they listen and engage or would they go all shy?

Acting Pros!

Well, to be totally honest, they were consummate professionals – it’s like they’ve been doing this all their lives – they totally outshone me! It was such amazing fun, loved working with the kids and the creative team, definitely a day to remember… here’s a few photos from the day and the final video for you to enjoy

Their faces crack me up!

Do your kids floss? If not, do you think you’ll encourage them to start? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂 x

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