Katjes Magic Candy Factory – 3D Candy Printer

I know that I am usually all about all things healthy and fitness, but the odd sweet treat can be good for the soul too!

We were very lucky as a family to be invited to the launch of the world’s first 3D printer for Candy at the official opening of Mr Simm’s Olde Sweet Shoppe in Bromley. Powered by magic, obviously, Katjes Magic Candy Factory 3D printer is amazing to watch in action.

When we first got there the printer was printing a strawberry flavoured 3D dinosaur – which my two got to eat, well the Pink One did, the Blue One just isn’t a fan of jelly sweets, but he was still fascinated by the whole process.

We all had a lot of fun, particularly the Pink One and the Blue One, who got to have their photos taken and then printed in gummy candy, it was so cool.  Their images were taken and then transferred to the tablet – where they could then select the flavour they would like their gummy candy selfie to be.  All the gummy candy is vegan and comes in the following 8 flavours;

Sublime Strawberry
Lucious Lemon
Gorgeous Green Apple
Ripe Raspberry
Marvellous Mango
Beautiful Blackcurrant
Tasty Tropical Blue
Elegant Elderberry

Which are truly delicious, as we were lucky enough to try some samples. Properly fruity and not the least bit synthetic tasting.

And then select the finish they would like;


The Pink One went first and selected Gorgeous Green Apple and a Fizzy finish and the Blue One went for Sublime Strawberry and a Glitter finish (so I suppose technically, in the case of this blog post they are The Green One and The Red One)…

I also got my Jog on Mum logo printed, which I think looks fantastic and came out really well.  I chose Beautiful Blackcurrant and the Sour finish – had to make sure I didn’t upset the kids by only having the same as one of them, so went for the one that was left!

You also got the option, of having a time-lapse video emailed to you of 3D Gummy Candy Printing – which we obviously did, and it does look so good!

Pink One time-lapse

Blue One time-lapse

My Logo time-lapse

There are so many different applications for this device – not just the selfies, but like I had done – logos, or wedding favours, birthday present, mother day’s gift (it’s coming up soon) the possibilities with this kind of magic are endless.

Would you like your selfie printed in Candy? Well, head to Mr Simm’s Bromley – each print out is £10. Would you eat yours? We haven’t eaten ours yet!!! 😛 xxx

Disclaimer – we were invited to this event and given our 3D Candy Printouts free of charge.  All views and opinions of this event are my own.


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