A totally normal lunchtime…

…when you’re dealing with a four-year-old boy!!!

This is how the conversation with my four-year-old Blue One went today…

Me: “What do you want for lunch – a sandwich thin or a crumpet?”
Blue One: “Hmmm, a crumpet”
Me: “Are you sure?”
Blue One: “Yes”
Me: “I’m putting your crumpet in the toaster”
Blue One: “Ok”

A couple of minutes later the crumpet is toasted and I’m buttering it…

Blue One: “What are you buttering?”
Me: “Your crumpet”
Blue One: “But I said a sandwich thin”
Me: “No you didn’t – you said a crumpet” *inwardly snarling – externally a picture of calm*
Blue One: “But I don’t like crumpets”
Me: “Yes, you do!” *rolling my eyes, and sighing*
Blue One: “But I don’t want to eat one now” *said in a wailing voice whilst dramatically collapsing to the floor*

(Can anyone else imagine a Fowl Language comic at this point!?!)

Me: “Do you want to play football – or will we go and you’ll have to sit next to me and watch and I won’t let you touch a football?”
Blue One: *plaintive muffled moan* “I want to play…”
Me: “Then eat your crumpet” *another sigh and sending an expletive-ridden text to the hubby*

He’s eventually eaten his crumpet, an exceptionally slow and painful process – with me telling him he couldn’t have TV, a drink, football or pudding unless he ate his CRUMPET!!! For the love of… argh!!!

So a totally normally lunchtime – right!?! The boy better be having a growth spurt/testosterone surge because he has been seriously pushing his luck the last week or so! Better snap out of it soon or I’ll be rolling my eyes and sighing a whole lot more!!!

The picture of Innocence!!!
The picture of Innocence!!!

Feel free to share/like/comment! Anyone else having this experience currently! I’m sure many of you can relate!!! :-Pxxx

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