An afternoon at the park

Still not entirely sure what I have done to my foot and it’s very sore – so not an awful lot of activity for Juneathon Day 12.

As the Blue One was a bit better today, his temperature had come down a bit, we met with some friends in the park as it was such a beautifully warm day.

I managed to do a little bit of football with him – mainly him running around and me just kicking the ball back to him! It was nice seeing him being more his usual active and happy self.

Blue One playing football
Blue One playing football


King of the Castle
King of the Castle

Not a bad step count either considering how much I’m hobbling!!! Does include the drop off and pick up of the Pink One from school!

I also managed 12 toe touches, 12 sit and reaches and 12 sit ups/tummy crunches (these seemed such a great idea each day when the numbers were smaller!!!)

πŸ™‚ xxx

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