…”No, I’m the other sister…!!!”

Just to set the scene – I am the baby of four children. I have two older brothers and one older sister – you note how I’m telling you now I am the youngest as my sister and I often get “which one of you is older?” – never good for my pride!!! 😛

I’m sure I’ll discuss my wonderful brothers in future blogs, but in this I would like to introduce my amazing sister Sarah King.

My Big Sister!
My Big Sister!

Between my sister and I, I am the organised one and the one who creates fabulous spreadsheets in Excel (so exciting, I know!). I have a pretty good ability for drawing but my sister’s drawing ability is exceptional and puts mine in the shade – and this is only the start of it!

My sister is one ridiculously talented cake maker – when I say this you can’t possibly understand how talented unless you go and visit her pages – www.cakingit.co.uk – www.facebook.com/cakingit

Below are a couple of her cakes that I love;

Sarah's CakesBut not only is she phenomenal at making cake – she also really good at imparting this knowledge to others to help them make their own cakes – including me! Below are the cakes I’ve made for my kids with the excellent guidance of my sister!

The Pink One's Cakes
The Pink One’s Cakes

Click this link if you want to see the Facebook photo album of the step-by-step process that went into making the Pink One’s 1st Birthday cake – it was my first solo venture!

The Pink One wants a Frozen themed cake for her 5th birthday this month – so watch this space…

So hopefully you have been watching this space and here it is my Elsa Cake, inspired by McGreevy Cakes, for my daughter’s 5th Birthday. Obviously help and guidance provided by my sister and the whole thing is supported on a Fabricaking it stand!

Left: McGreevy Cakes Right: Mine
Left: McGreevy Cakes Right: Mine

Hoping to do a Blog on this cake as I took photos every step of the way – so will share with you all soon!

The Blue One's Cakes
The Blue One’s Cakes

The Blue One’s Birthday isn’t until February but already considering a Superhero theme or possibly Scooby Doo – but we’ll see!

Enjoy viewing her cakes (and mine!) and if you need one made – please do contact her by the links to her sites. If you’re an amateur baker yourself Caking it has released Fabricaking it and they provide support structures for your cakes – Standard Kits, Multifunctional and Bespoke.

So, what’s with the title of this blog? Well when we’re at family parties and there are friends there, I have regularly been asked “Are you the sister who makes cakes?” and my response “…No, I’m the other sister!”

I’m exceptionally proud of my sister so I don’t mind being the other one! 🙂 xxx

7 thoughts on “…”No, I’m the other sister…!!!”

  1. Geraldine, this post brought a tear to my eye. Beautifully written. I can only imagine how proud you are of your big sis, and how proud she is of you xx

    Liked by 1 person

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