Janathon Day 25 – Walking it off!

Well I had planned to do some weights today but I woke up with a pinched nerve in my shoulder which is rather painful and making my whole right arm ache! I am blaming it on the day of study I did the day before and all the hand writing (and nothing to do with the exercising I’ve been doing).

Beautiful Day for a Walk


So instead I went for a walk , as it was a really beautiful morning – managing over 7000+ steps by 9:30am – so with my busy day of the Blue Ones football and then the Pink and Blue Ones swimming lessons I managed to go over 10,000+ steps today!
StepsWhat do you like to do on a rest day 🙂 xxx

Janathon Day 13 – Walking in the Sunshine

Today started with a nice early doctor’s appointment, a lovely walk round there, it was cold but the sun was shining. An early appointment is great as you don’t end up with a delay, but it does mean that by the time you’re finished the pharmacy isn’t open yet! So I have used the pharmacy opening as my goal to go out for another walk and take the long and scenic route round there!
ScenicI did indeed take the scenic route – a nice 3.74km walk in the sunshine listening to my music, with a short stop to chat with a friend, all good for clearing the head – then once I’d been to the pharmacy back home for more Open University study!

Until tomorrow! 🙂 xxx

So today there was walking

So for Juneathon Day 11 I had planned on going for a run, but as you’ve probably gathered from my previous posts I’m notorious for changing my mind!

Today was an OU study day for me, so when I got a specific task completed I celebrated by going for a walk instead of a run. I wasn’t feeling particularly great – tummy still not happy, think it’s all the worrying about the Blue One, who’s temperature is still high! Plus, it was so warm really didn’t think a run was a great idea, so a walk in the beautiful sunshine it was! 3.68km to be precise!

To the post office… bugger, it was closed …and home again!

I had a target as needed to collect something from the post office, which is a reminder for me of how my running journey started, but in typical ‘me’ style I got there at 3pm and the post office had closed at 2.30pm!!! Doh!!! Never mind – least I got out and it counts for Juneathon – yay!!!

I also then had the walk to collect my Pink One up from school after her gymnastics class. For some unknown reason my right foot/ankle started hurting on my walk there and is still hurting now…!?!  I did nothing specific to set it off, so it’s rather strange! Hoping it’ll ease off by tomorrow!

Collecting the Pink One!
Collecting the Pink One!

Did do a good number of steps today too – and I didn’t have my phone on me at all times – so would’ve been more! 😜

Oooo, lots of steps!

Finally I did 11 toe touches, 11 sit and reaches and 11 sit ups/tummy crunches (these are definitely getting harder now!)

Oh and my hubby bought me some flowers to cheer me up – I am very lucky!

Pretty flowers!
Pretty flowers!

🙂 xxx

Early(ish) morning run

So Juneathon Day 6 – the plan had been to do the Danson Parkrun, but woke up with a grumpy tum (blooming IBS is really getting to me now – even on this low FODMAP diet it can still be triggered! argh!!!), and really didn’t feel like doing a timed run.  So text Helen, who I was going along with and asked if she minded if we did a more local run – which thankfully she was happy with too!

So 8.30am this morning, I walked over to hers, then we walked to warm up, going back through a beautiful park (see image below) and then went on a very gentle 3km run.

Beautiful park - sunshine, pond and ducks!
Beautiful park – sunshine, pond and ducks!

It was a very pleasant run in the cool morning sunshine – the beautiful weather always helps me to feel more upbeat!

Route and how we did!
Route and how we did!

Helen witnessed my 6 toe touches!

Obligatory after run selfie with the lovely Helen!
Obligatory after run selfie with the lovely Helen!

I then did a sprint for the 200m to home – always good to feel how quick I’d need to go to do 5.20min/km – don’t think I’d ever be able to keep it up for any extended period of time though!!! Haha!!!

Sprint to home!
Sprint to home!

Finally did my 6 sit and reaches and 6 sit ups/tummy crunches!

Hope everyone has a great Juneathon Day 6 and happy Saturday!

🙂 xxx