Janathon Day 21 – Mood Boosting Boxercise

It was back to Boxercise with Michelle from Foxlee Fitness tonight and boy did I need it! I was in a bit of mood after my Blue One was a bit of silly bugger this afternoon and I just couldn’t shake it – he wasn’t naughty enough for me to get really cross and tell him off, but he was one stubborn sod!

Boxercise was the best medicine for a bad mood!

We had a good warm up (which included jump lunges – ouch!)

First round we gloved and padded up – and in our pairs stood orthodox (which is right foot forward) and then 10 jabs starting with the right hand and alternating, then 10 jabs with the right hand. Swap feet – so left foot forward, and 10 jabs starting with the left hand and alternating, then 10 jabs with the left hand. Boxer’s bounce for 90 degrees and repeat – we did this four times.

Then to raise our hard rates we had to do jump lunges – they burn, after a while my legs wouldn’t jump anymore!

Next, back to orthodox but now it was 10 alternate hooks starting with right hand, then 10 hooks with just the right hand, swap feet 10 more hooks starting with the left, then 10 hooks with just the left. Boxer’s bounce 90 degrees and repeat, so again four times. After which we did 15 tuck jumps three times (I may have done some squats instead – but shhhh)

We were now finished with the pads and gloves, and Michelle set us up in four groups – we were going to do circuits. I started with Chair kicks – so, no, we didn’t actually kick the chairs – we stood behind a chair and then brought a leg up and over – 30 on each leg (I have to confess, I actually quite enjoyed this one)

Next up, ladder squats, jump in squat, jump out squat – then there were cones setup where you had to jump two footed into a squat – we had to go round as many times as it took for the other groups who were doing the counting activities to finish.

Activity three were bench lunges, one foot up on the bench and then 30 lunges, swap legs and repeat – this was the one I liked doing least – the burn was quite incredible!

Final activity, chair hurdles, small hurdle on the floor, facing the chair, hold the sizes of the seat and jump over the hurdle from side to side and keep going till Michelle said stop! It was hardcore – but so good! Though I must admit, as we did this circuit twice, on my second lot of chair hurdles – I did stop and do some tricep dips instead!

Then a cool down!

All in all, a wonderful, intense workout and my mood was greatly improved! Got to appreciate exercise for making you feel happier don’t you? Not bad for Janathon Day 21! Tomorrow will be somewhat more subdued me thinks as I wait for the aches of tonight’s workout to catch up with me! Haha!

How is everyone else’s Janathon going? Would love to hear – I’ve enjoyed reading some of your blogs, which I had time to read more! 🙂 xxx

Obligatory sweaty selfie after a fab workout!
Obligatory sweaty selfie after a fab workout!

Minimum Requirements

Another busy day and still feeling exhausted from all the running around yesterday my Juneathon Day 21 contribution is 21 toe touches, 21 sit and reaches and 21 sit ups/tummy crunches! This was such a laugh when I started with one of each – now the laugh is on me!!! Haha!!! 😜

In other news that may amuse – my Pink One is doing very well at her gymnastics (and the teacher also said she was a nice little girl too!) – so my mum and dad treated her to a leotard and leggings and mummy and daddy got her a second leotard.

My little gymnast (and good girlie)!
My little gymnast (and good girlie)!

So today when she put one on the Blue One had to join in didn’t he!?! Haha!!! I probably shouldn’t share, poor boy, but just couldn’t resist…

Ones to have printed out for his eighteenth!!! Mwah ha ha...
Ones to have printed out for his eighteenth!!! Mwah ha ha…
My Pink One - Gymnast and the Blue One looking like a ballet dancer! Look at that face!!!
My Pink One – Gymnast and the Blue One looking like a ballet dancer! Look at that face and those socks!!!
Gymnastics poses!
Gymnastics poses!

And now back to Juneathon… My step count was pretty pants today as well! I will try and do better!


🙂 xxx

Whew, fitted in some exercise, just!!!

Well what a hectic day that was!

Up and out by 7.20am to drop the small people at the childminders – it was their last day there as things are changing!

Then on to work finishing there at 5pm – meant to finish at 3.30pm, but it’s my last two days there and then I’m taking on the worst paid job in the world, terrible hours and no sick pay or pension scheme – I’m going to be a stay at home mum for a while!!! Hehee!!! Best job in the world!!! Also going to be doing an Open University degrees in Computing & IT which I’m hoping will keep me employable when I return to work, anyway I’ve got sidetracked!

Straight from work to collect the kiddies again, home with them – put a programme on they like whilst I grab a quick shower! Hubby gets in – I head out round 7pm to attend choir! Finish choir at 9pm – head home with a quick pit stop at my mum and dads to pick some bits up I’d left there.

Got in and baked some goodies to take in for my last day at work – made chocolate brownies and oat cookies! The oats cookies are wheat free, contain no egg and can be dairy free – though I was a bit naughty and swapped the raisins for chocolate chips!!! They’re rather tasty I have to say and no additionally added sugar! The sweetness comes from the apple sauce and the banana! Highly recommend!


While the cookies cooked I managed to fit in 25 mins on the Wii Fit! Yay! I was scared I’d have to say I’d slacked off but fortunately this isn’t the case! Got it in just before midnight so counts for day 21!!!

Now for some sleep….