Janathon Day 31 – And this Little Janathoner went Wii all the Way Home!

Whew! I made it, 31 days of exercise and far harder 31 days of blogging!!!

So for the final hurrah I did 30 minute on the Wii as I didn’t use it for the entire of the rest of Janathon! Below are a couple of embarrassing videos for you to view!

IMG_8704Happy Janathon everyone and well done for making it!!!

So will you be signing up for Juneathon!?! 🙂 xxx

Best laid plans of mice and mummys!

Well the plan for Janathon Day 8 was to go on a nice evening run with my lovely friends Deputy Helen and Kay – but this was thwarted by the blue one having chicken pox!

His sister had it two weeks ago and this Tuesday – exactly 14 days after the Pink One came out in the spots the Blue One did. The Pink One was rather lucky and didn’t suffer too badly, she had enough spots to know she’d had chicken pox but she wasn’t covered – the Blue One is another story entirely!

He’s being very good with it, but I was at work today and so he was with his nanny and grandad all day (who he adores) and when he came home was rather forlorn and crying, and telling me he doesn’t feel well – so I knew going out for a run was out of the window! We will attempt to try again tomorrow!

So grateful for the Wii – least I was still able to do some exercise (and on Wii Fit Plus my Wii age was 25 – rather chuffed with that)! Though since using it, parts of me are aching that I didn’t know could ache! Cuddling my hot water bottle this evening to sooth my poor body – I need to get back to running, never ached like this after a good run and my first 10km race is rapidly looming!!! Argh!!!

Want to be wearing these again...
Want to be wearing these again…

Tonight I did the following…
Wii Fit & Wii Fit Plus

Half-moon pose
Tree pose

Muscle workout
Single leg twist

Super Hula Hoop
Rhythmic Boxing

Balance Games
Ski Jump
Heading (football)

Total time – 32 mins

No videos to amuse you this evening I’m afraid! I’m currently typing this in bed with my pox covered little boy next to me watching Peppa Pig – it’s 11pm, this doesn’t bode well – this is a little boy who is normally asleep by 7.30pm! Oh well – this is just one of those things you have to deal with when you have the absolute honour of being someone’s mummy!

I bid you all goodnight – hopefully mine will feature some sleep…


Janathon Tally
Running Mileage: 9.05km/5.62 miles
Total Running Time: 01:07:32
Star Jumps: 10
Running on the Spot: count of 20
Push ups: 3
Zumba Calypso warm up: 1
Zumba Salsa Beginners: 1
Boxing: 01:05:00
Total Number of planks: 3
Total time planking: 1mins 40secsc
Wii Fit: 01:04:00

Fun: 8/10

Total Janathon Time: 03:34:00

A Wii bit more exercise!

After day 5s civilised run I felt that on day 6 of Janathon I needed to get back to the indignity of filming myself doing exercise using the Wii – so boxing was the sport of choice (again)!!! My arms still ache after the fights with my sister, which can only mean that it must be good for you! Doesn’t it!?!

This time I had a few bouts against my husband. My apologies that the second video is out of focus – but I had to share it as I won!!!

Bouts three and four (which I didn’t record) showed my not very pleasant competitive self – I was getting rather grumpy when I wasn’t winning, shocking I know, especially as the youngest of four children I should be used to losing!!!

I also managed a 30 second plank – should’ve been 50 seconds but could feel discomfort in my lower back, so didn’t want to push it and do myself any damage!

Earlier in the day I also did a 1.43km walk – but having a memory like a sieve at times I completely forgot to stop the MapMyWalk app when I got home, so don’t know the true length of time it took me – so I’ll have to exclude that from my Janathon figures!!! Doh!!! 😜

Stay tuned, more Wii based exercise coming tomorrow for day 7!!! 😊xxx

I fought with my sister

It was all for the sake of exercise and Janathon!

Don’t worry, we’re still talking – I had a bout of Wii boxing with my sister, Sarah, of Caking it fame! It was very amusing – I also had some bouts against the computer and did some training, my arms certainly ached by the end, but it’s all worth it! No pain no gain as the saying goes.
I’ve attached some videos for your amusement, I mean as evidence! Not very flattering I can tell you!!!

A bout with my sister!

Training session – the cardigan was off!

I’ve also done a 30 second plank, inspiration from Helen of Helsbels blog. I’m now aiming to do a plank challenge and up the length of time I plank each day as per the ‘30 day plank challenge‘ but where there is a rest day I am going to aim to do the previous days time again! We’ll see how long this lasts – think I survived 15 days of the ‘30 day abs challenge‘ – hoping for better this time, but we’ll see!!!

My impression of a plank!
My impression of a plank! Need to align my arms better!
Planking with a smile, or is that a grimace!?!
Planking with a smile, or is that a grimace!?!

Well, I hope you’ve had a good chuckle over my video clips and photos, laughter is good for the health too!!!

Wonder what Janathon Day 5 will have in store…


Janathon Tally
Mileage: 5.1km/3.2 miles
Star Jumps: 10
Running on the Spot: count of 20
Push ups: 3
Zumba Calypso warm up: 1
Zumba Salsa Beginners: 1
Boxing: 35 mins
Total Number of planks: 1
Total time planking: 30secs
Fun: 10/10

Total Janathon Time: 01:28:46