I can see through the glass!

So on Thursday this week I had something very exciting happen – I had our oven professionally cleaned!!!

Bless my poor husband, for weeks he’d been saying he’d do it, and so in our cupboard sat our box of Oven Pride and continued to sit for some time.

Oh look, there’s the Oven Pride… in the cupboard… at the back…

But after a full week at work, the last thing he’d want to do was clean the oven, especially as Oven Pride is so caustic you can’t do it with the children around.

So in the meantime I saw on Facebook that my friend had had her oven cleaned and it looked lovely, soΒ I got the details from her and booked in our oven with David Letchford of Oven Clean Dartford – he personally no longer seems available, but Oven Clean is a franchise, so you can check their general website here!

I will let the photos do the speaking for me!

06 Oven Six
Oh my goodness – you can see through the glass!!!
08 Oven Eight
You can see the tiles through the door!!!
01 Oven One
So shiny!!!
02 Hob Two
Ok, the photo on the left makes us look gross, but hey it’s clean now!
05 Oven Five
Look – the metal racks are so clean!
12 Oven Twelve
Looks like new!
04 Oven Four
The racks are silver now, not brown!
07 Oven Seven
Such a difference!
03 Hob Three
Looking good!
09 Oven Nine
Now that’s what you call clean!
10 Oven Ten
From gross to lovely!
11 Oven Eleven
Could actually use the hotplate now!

As you can see David did an amazing job, he was also very polite and professional! He was even kind enough to do the metal baking tray meant for the big oven, which had accidentally got left out (I didn’t blame this on my husband… I didn’t… ok, I did!) when I ran out to him when he was about to leave.

For my double oven and hob – including the racks and baking trays – it cost Β£90.

I would highly recommend him if you want a professional, efficient and fab cleaning job done on your oven – mine looks like new!

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πŸ™‚ xxx


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