Silver Linings


Hope you all had fun bringing in the new year and are feeling good and positive for the new year ahead!

So today is the first day of 2015 and I managed to get up and out and go for a Parkrun!!!

Now my usual way of thinking is to look at all the negatives – so I could waffle on about how bad a run it was and how slow I went etc etc, but no one wants to read about me whinging and berating myself – there are people suffering a lot worse then a bad park run!!!

Instead, as a New Years resolution, I’m going to try and look for the silver linings in my efforts and not immediately dwell on what went wrong! So here are the silver linings…

1. I woke up!!! Big plus there in itself! I am relatively happy and healthy (give or take a few stomach issues!) and I was surrounded by my beautiful family – and I mean this literally as we stayed at my in-laws for New Years Eve and so the kids were asleep on a mattress on the floor next to us!!! Haha!!! 😄

2. This counts towards my first Janathon!!! Of which I am very proud to be a participate and I just hope I can do well.  If you fancy giving yourself some motivation to get exercising this month – it’s not too late, you can still sign up until the 7th Jan! For more incentive, there are prizes to be won!!!


3. I wore my Stephen Amell F&@k Cancer T-shirt!!! Very cool T-shirt, bought for a worthy cause and I feel rather privileged to be wearing one! Stephen Amell is an amazing actor, charity supporter and father/husband – plus as an aside is in a fab series called Arrow. I am happily married women, but I think it’s always good to appreciate beautiful things… ;-P

F&@k Cancer T-Shirt
F&@k Cancer T-Shirt

4. I cleaned my trainers – this may be a small thing, but I did bring home most of Avery Hill Park on the sole of my trainers, so it’s quite a plus that I’ve already done it! I’m sure my trainers would say ‘Thank You’ if they could!

Avery Hill Park on the sole of my trainers!!!
Avery Hill Park on the sole of my trainers!!!

5. I saw my friend – Janathon’s Deputy Helen. It’s always lovely to see friend – especially one who is offering me so much support and encouragement at the moment! Can’t thank her enough!

6. I wrote this blog! Hoping to blog a bit more regularly – I’m not saying everyday, but at least once a week (if I can!) Also I’ve published it earlier than 11pm at night – which is a novelty for me!

7. I made it – despite the pain in my hip, slipping in the mud and considering bowing out after the 2nd lap – I finished! I didn’t give up!!! This is a good thing – and what I need to focus on and not that it was my worst Parkrun time so far – and also remember it was excessively muddy/slippery and I haven’t been running as often as I usually do due to a poorly November/December!

It really was muddy - More Evidence!!!
It really was muddy – More Evidence!!!

8. Also need to take into consideration it may be the 1st January – but it’s not the first exercise I’ve done this week! I managed 10.66km on Monday (walking & running) with my greatest motivator Helen and on Wednesday I walked quite a distance round High Elms with the family – occasionally carrying the Pink One and the Blue One (surely that counts as weight training!)

9. It’s all good preparation for my first official 10km run on the 18th Jan at the Olympic park (should’ve been Hyde Park, but there was a venue change!)

So feeling positive – I celebrated with a hot shower, a cup of tea and a yummy sarnie made by my fabulous hubby (and some chocolate)!!! I’m so rock ‘n’ roll!

Mmmmm, Yum! Yum!!!
Mmmmm, Yum! Yum!!!

Great start to the new year – so let’s try and keep up the positive thinking! Until next time, have a wonderful day!!! 😊 xxx

Janathon Tally
Mileage: 5.1km/3.2 miles

Time: 00:37:06

Fun: 5/10

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