Deja vu with a Pink hue!

Today was similar to yesterday, except the trip to the park was with the Pink One this time as the Blue One was at the child-minders, as today was an OU study day for me…

  • Walk to and from school in the morning for the Pink One
  • Two lots of laundry hung out (which did involve climbing up and down stairs! – yes, another two loads today!)
  • Walked to collect Pink One from school and then on to the park

Climbing Pink One

  • Played bat and ball with the Pink One
  • Stood and walked around the playground as the Pink One played

Fun and giggles with my Pink One
Fun and giggles with my Pink One

  • Walked home from the park with the Blue One
  • Walk home with the Pink One and the Blue One

Walking home!
Walking home!

  • 17 toe touches, 17 sit and reaches, 17 sit ups/tummy crunches! (Again in the evening, will I never learn?)


Check out my step count for the day – not as great as yesterday, but considering I studied for the morning and part of the afternoon it’s pretty good – and there were times when I didn’t carry my phone on me, so there were more steps!!!

🙂 xxx