It’s all about the Hands

I shared a photo of my hand on Instagram
My image was spotted by Jessica, who has a site devoted to hands, and she asked my if she could put my image on her site. Which I said yes to! Go and take a look at Pretty Hands – it’s really interesting – find out if your hands are small or bigger than average for your height! Different measurements for men and women. Mine are bigger – I have the average hand size for a female who is 5’10″/5’11” and I am 5’8″

Hand Measuring - Collage:
Hand Measuring – Collage:

Here’s the link to Jessica’s post regarding my hand!!! Social media is so random, but there are time where this randomness is really interesting and brings you to a site you’d never even thought about! I’ve had my hands mentioned before, generally about how long my fingers are, especially my thumb, but it’s nice to have them thought of as beautiful! 🙂 xxx

My hand length from wrist to tip of my middle finger (not including the nail) is about 7/7.1 inches (though looking at my own photos they could actually be longer) – what are yours? I’d love to know!!!

9 thoughts on “It’s all about the Hands

  1. You have really beautiful hands. Those fingers are so long. What is your ring size, even though your hands are so long and definitely quite large, your fingers seem so skinny.

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    • Hey Claire, oh thank you, that is so kind of you to say! ☺️
      I do indeed have stupidly slim fingers! My ring size isn’t much bigger than a kids! My engagement ring is a G (I think) – I feel sorry for my hubby having to pay so much and then they have to remove a load of metal to resize the ring to fit me!!! 😜 xxx


    • Thanks! I have absolutely no idea – you’re right I’ve never tried to palm a basketball! I’m not sure I even now how!!! Haha! 😂 something I’ll have to look into!?! xxx


  2. The first thing I thought when I saw your hand pic was “Now those are some pretty hands.” I didn’t think that they were big because they are proportionate. If I ever start a jewelry company I’ll check in with you to model the rings!

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    • Awww, bless you! That so lovely of you to say! I’m blushing! ☺️ such kind words to read at the start of my day, a great start! Thank you! 😊xxx


  3. Your hands are so beautiful and long. We have the same height, but my hands are only 7,1 inch long for a men.


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